The ForMor Revenue Advantage

If you’re ever looking at another network marketing company with a different revenue sharing plan, there are some things you need to know and questions that must be answered before you believe that it’s a “great revenue sharing plan”!!!  Everybody says that about their revenue sharing plan.

One critical question that very few network marketing distributors think to ask when looking at a company’s revenue sharing plan is:  How difficult has the company made it for me to achieve a high Rank Level so I can collect deep into my organization?

It’s also essential that leaders who are deciding whether or not to make a move to a different company should be asking one more critical question:  Even though I think I will not have difficulty jumping through all the obstacles presented by this new Revenue Sharing Plan, how difficult is it going to be FOR MY PEOPLE to achieve a high Rank Level so THEY can collect deep into their own organizations?

You see, in network marketing, making money is not just about how much money you get paid on someone placed on a certain level in your downline….it’s about whether or not the company makes it too hard for you to achieve and maintain a high rank level, if and when someone in your group really builds a big group.

What does that mean? It’s really pretty simple to understand, once you know a very important fact.  Here it is:

90% of all big earners in network marketing, earn 90% of their residual commissions from just one leg!

It’s really hard, even for big networkers, to build more than onebig leg!  Well, if that’s true, why do companies require YOU to build 5, 6, 7, 8, or more additional legs??? The answer to that is quite simple:

  1. The company and your upline want you to have to keep working hard, and
  2. The company and/or your upline, gets to keep the money that you fail to get paid on your own downline because you haven’t been able to build enough legs with large dollar volumes in each one.

In my humble opinion, that’s a REALLY BAD DEALfor 99.9% of the people who get involved with network marketing!  If you’re looking at that kind of a revenue sharing plan, you might have more fun gambling away your time and money in Las Vegas!

Here’s the ForMor solution to that dilemma

Being fully aware of these facts, ForMor has, from its inception, built in safeguards to MAKE IT EXTREMELY EASY for the average person to collect the full 12 levels of payout our Revenue sharing Plan offers when only one leg in a Brand Partner’s group builds a large group volume!

Friends, I have known people in other companies who have sponsored only a few distributors and when one of those distributors built group volumes into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per month….the one who sponsored those distributors could only qualify to get paid a very small amount of money each month.  Why? They couldn’t build additional, high dollar volume legs, in order to “qualify” to get more pay under the requirements of the “revenue sharing plan”.  Most revenue sharing plans cut people out of making big money.

Any pay plan that builds in big obstacles to prevent you from collecting on the success you’ve already created by bringing one highly productive person into your group IS NOT A “REVENUE SHARING PLAN” at all!

ForMor’s simple philosophy is… if, as a result of your sponsoring efforts a large dollar volume is created, then, it should be easy for you to qualify to get paid!

For example, let’s say you sponsor only one person (Bob), who then sponsors two people, one of whom is a networker named Sue, who then quickly builds a group of people whose monthly volume exceeds 250,000BV. Wow!

One day you realize there are a lot of unpaid commissions on 250,000BV that you’re not collecting each month, because you only have one person on your first levels.  What can you possibly do to collect on the thousands of dollars per month in commissions that you could be missing?

In ForMor, all you have to do is put 7 more people on your first level, each doing 100BV per month!  That’s all!  Ask yourself this question: If it will qualify me to earn thousands….can I find a way to put 7 people on my 1stLevel who will spend a total of $560.00? Do you understand the simplicity of spending $560.00 to make THOUSANDS?

However, life’s just not that simple in any other company I know of.  Other companies make it hard to collect on that kind of organization, even though the example above is a great case in point of how a new group actually grows.

That’s why you have to be cautious when someone tell you what a great Revenue sharing Plan another company has. Take a careful look at that “great” revenue sharing plan:

-How much volume do you need to have on your 1st Level?

-Does the plan require having people at certain Rank Levels in more than one leg?  NOT AT FORMOR!!!

However, this is very common in other company’s “revenue sharing” plans, making it even more difficult for you to rise to a higher rank level and earn more money on the group you’ve already created. As I said before, most companies build in lots of obstacles!

-How much Group Volume do you need to get paid to get paid 12 level?

-Does all you organization’s total volume count toward “Group Volume” (like in ForMor), or does only “uncompressed volume” on your first 5 or 6 levels count?

Using “uncompressed volume” makes it much more difficult to reach Group Volume requirements and keeps you and your people from qualifying for higher pay on the organizations that YOU build! The difference could cost lot of money!

-Does the revenue sharing plan even pay on 12 Levels like ForMor?

-Does the revenues sharing plan require you to keep sponsoring new people and make you a slave to the company?

Hey, freedom is a big part of what us networkers are after and the revenue sharing plan should allow you the opportunity to kick back and enjoy your life!

These are things each of us must have answers to before seriously considering a change of companies. Ignorance is not bliss. Don’t believe it when someone else says, “This is a great compensation plan!”  We need to know the facts for ourselves.

I’ll wrap this up by asking the two questions I started with:

  1. How difficult has the new company made it for me to achieve a high Rank Level so I can collect deep into my organization?
  2. How difficult is it going to be FOR MY PEOPLE to achieve a high Rank Level so THEY can collect deep into their own organizations?

 In the end, if people don’t have a chance to earn a good amount of money, they won’t keep paying the price.

Earning money is not just about the product, or about how much money some superstar is making in another company, it’s about how committed the company is to helping people earn money….and that commitment is most evident in the Revenue sharing Plan and whether or not the company has “stacked the deck” against distributors via the compensation plan.

ForMor has a great Revenue Sharing Plan and provides the simplest opportunity to earn an excellent income that I have ever seen in 29 years as a networker.

With committed distributors and continued great products, this revenue sharing plan will provide the roadmap to our long-term success.

For more information or answers to any questions regarding the ForMor Revenue Sharing Plan, please contact Sales Manager Angela Mckenzie (501) 336-0077 or [email protected].